Top 5 tricks used by casinos

It’s common knowledge that the longer the client plays, the more profit the casino gets. For this reason all casino try to make gamblers play as long as possible, which means losing as much as possible. This article is dedicated to sly (and simple) tricks used by casinos. I hope this information will keep you from leaving all your money at the casino.

There are no clocks at casinos

This is totally true: at the casino you won’t find neither clocks on the walls nor watches on employees’ arms. This makes players forget about time they’ve spent there. It doesn’t matter what game the client plays: roulette, poker, or slot machines. Sometimes it seems that the player falls into a trance while in the casino. However, casinos in Great Britain are required by law to have clocks and casinos employees must tell clients what time it is.

Casinos have no windows

Usually, the only windows are located by the entrance and in the restrooms. The trick is the same as with clocks and watches: not seeing what part of day it is now results in losing track of time. Your biological clock fails, resulting in you spending eternity at the casino.

Something is always happening

To keep their clients, casinos hold various shows, concerts, lotteries and performances. This creates the illusion of being diverted from the game: it seems that you’ve come to listen to live music, while gambling isn’t the main purpose of your visit. In addition, everything is bright and glimmering. This distracts players’ attention and hinders them from monitoring the size of their losses.

You are also offered free food and especially drinks that relax and blunt vigilance. Many gamblers – especially beginning ones – swallow the bait. High-rollers enjoy a totally higher level of encouragement: free hotel room, VIP service, and even a personal jet to get them to the casino!

Casino interior

Casino interior works towards the only goal: to make the player feel relaxed and safe. When feeling comfortable and relaxed, gamblers spend money more readily. The music is mostly soft and soothing. Even the carpets have a peaceful pattern that causes a positive psychological reaction.

Bars and other premises are located not far from play tables. Even if you won something, you’ll have to go to the exit all the way through the playing hall. This entices you to make more bets and lose more that you’ve won.

Waiting for a win

This is a treacherous feeling that makes the player to make one bet after another. Casinos deceive you into the idea that winning is easy: slots twinkle brightly and card dealers congratulate players on every win. Therefore, you remember only good moments and associate the casino with winnings rather than losses. This makes gamblers keep coming to the casino hoping to seize their luck.