Swindlers at online and offline casinos

Risk is always accompanying gambling games. Most players think that the major risk is that luck will turn your back on you and you lose your money. This is not the main problem, though. Sometimes, the person may play at swindler casinos that are eager to take every cent of their money. In the past, poker was the favorite card games of pocket thieves: they used it to distract attention.

Of course, solid and reliable online and land-based casinos have user support that prevents and fights any form of swindle. Unfortunately, there are some really smart people among swindlers that keep inventing new methods of swindling out money from naïve people. In this article, we will consider several types of swindle.

The traditional method involves a secret deal among players. This methods is applied by both online and land-based casino players. By using a thought-out system of signs, they tell each other what cards they have. If playing at online casino, they can communicate by skype, phone, or other means.

At land-based casinos, dishonest card dealing has been a very popular swindle practice for a long time already. This method is hardly feasible at online casinos, but swindlers can use other people’s accounts, generate several false players and play for them all in one game.

There is also a method called “ladder.” The swindlers keep raising their bets, which makes the player do the same. The swindler with the strongest hand wins, and the profit is divided between all swindlers.

When playing for money stolen from other player’s account, the swindler can raise their bets without worrying about losing, because the money they may lose is not theirs. Lost money is withdrawn from the innocent player’s account, while the winnings go into the swindler’s pocket.

Whether you are playing at online or land-based casino, you shouldn’t panic if you are suspecting some player of using swindle. Don’t make accusations right at the casino table. Figuring out who is right and who is wrong is the task of administration. If you suspect something, inform the administration employees or security guys. Point out to the suspected person and explain why you think they are a swindler.

Play only with trustworthy and reliable partners, if possible. Take care of your money. Don’t share your passwords with anyone. Ignore suspicious email letters supposedly sent by the casino administration.