How Do Slots Work?

Today online casinos offers lots of various casino games, including roulette, poker, blackjack, and many others. However, slots remain the most popular casino game that bring up to 70% of profits to the casino.

All slots have a certain factor called RTP (Return To Player). If you made a $100 bet and RTP is 95%, the casinos profit is 5% at most, while 95% will return to you in the form of winnings. Note that this scheme works for large scale only. To reach the set RTP, you need to play several dozens or even hundreds of thousand of rounds.

Most “one-handed bandits” are boxes of the size of a small bureau with a currency detector, slit for money, program unit (“brains”), display, buttons for setting the bet and choosing the game. Display features virtual reels with special symbols. The symbols make up winning combinations. Then, according to payout tables, the slot gives you a certain amount of chips to be exchanged for real money.

The number of symbols varies from one to ten. Besides standard symbols called “Wilds”, slots have special symbols called “Scatters”. Scatters launch a bonus game that can bring you extra winnings.

Before you start the game, symbols are displayed in a random order generated by the program called “Random Number Generator.” A certain sequence of symbols is considered a winning combination that brings you money in accordance with a table of payouts. As the process of generating numbers takes less than a second, it’s impossible to manipulate the result.

However, slots wouldn’t be so exciting if the display was empty. For this reason, players are shown the reels spinning, extra symbols, and free games. All this creates the illusion of participating in a real game.

Random number generator can use the following methods: