How To Clear Casino Bonuses

As their loyal clients spend large amount of money on gambling, online casinos encourage them with generous bonuses granted to every freshly-registered player. Upon getting confirmation about your loyalty, online casino offers you more bonuses and other encouragement offers. Some casinos pay bonuses almost on a monthly basis!

To make a deposit or not to make

Whether or not your casino grants a generous compensatory bonus in the size of your deposit or a bonus in percent of your deposit (when you credit $150 to your account and get $50 as a gift), you receive extra money to your account anyway. Some casinos offer a no-deposit bonus. To get it, you need to register and download casino software that allows you to play for real money. Unfortunately, land-based casinos, including the legendary Vegas casinos, can’t compete with online casinos in encouragement programs.

Loyalty bonus

Some casinos encourage their long-time clients with loyalty bonuses. If you haven’t been offered this bonus so far, you should remind the casino administration that you are their loyal client.

Remember that loyalty bonus is granted under certain conditions. Usually, you must use this bonus within a certain period of time. Beginning players usually don’t have a problem with this. But those who have little time for gambling, run the risk of losing the bonus.

As a rule, the bonus must be used within 7 calendar days. No-deposit bonuses are granted under even tougher conditions. If course, you can play for free at almost every casino, but you won’t necessarily like it. So if you don’t use this opportunity at once, you’ll have to look for another casino.

What were Steve Miller’s lyrics? “Grab your money and run!” Dedicate some of your free time to clearing your bonus. In other words, grab your money and run…directly to the play table. Enjoy the game and winnings you get for granted money!