Auto play function in Microgaming and Playtech games in Online Casino

Let’s continue to consider advantages and disadvantages of auto play function. In the previous article, we have already talked about auto play function used in games by Cryptologic.

Auto play function developed by Microgaming company is the most complicated one. This fact has a simple explanation: casino software manufactured by Microgaming has the widest selection of functions and settings. In addition, it offers “Expert Mode” option, which optimizes the player’s strategy. Auto play function is available in blackjack, video poker, roulette, and - of course – numerous slot machines developed by Microgaming. The variety of auto play settings is really impressive: the number of repeats; intervals between repeats; stop after all repeats have been played; stop after the progressive jackpot has been won; stop after the winnings are increasing or amount to X (a certain sum pre-set by the player); stop after the first win; stop after your balance increased or decreased by X. As you can see, auto play by Microgaming offers numerous opportunities to experiment with your strategy and test your luck.

To experience a true advantage offered by Microgaming, try out “Expert Mode.” The player can choose the optimal strategy offered by the program or adjust the settings as they like. The computer will play a pre-set number of games and record every spin in every game. Thus, the player can compare their actual and expected winnings and estimate their strategy. That option is especially beneficial in blackjack. Every blackjack game from the Golden series has a map with the optimal strategy based on the basic rules applied in blackjack. The map says to the player, when they should wait, double or divide a bet. The player can adjust the strategy to their liking by replacing old records in the map with new ones. In roulette, auto play is used in combination with “Bet Layout” function that allows the player to choose among several bets. The chosen option can be saved in the auto play.

Auto play function offered by Playtech company doesn’t have the special features offered by Microgaming. For example, the game can be stopped if the amount of winnings exceeds a pre-set limit, but not if the bonus has been received.