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Explore the best legal Canadian online casinos. You can enjoy gambling any time of day and night and rest assured that your winnings will be safe. We'll fill you in on the best online casinos, their history, special features, and all nuances of playing at modern online casinos.

Looking for an honest online casino

The first online casinos appeared not so long ago. In 1996, Microgaming company launched the first online casino in history. A few years later,the number of casinos online has grown multiple times. In the early 21st century, players could choose among several hundreds of online casinos.

This is how the online gambling industry was born. It has developed from a bunch of websites to a global business involving billions of dollars.

Online casino Canada

Casino online advantages

Although modern casinos online differ from pioneer online casinos,they still have many advantages compared to land-based venues, including:

The long list of advantages is what made online casinos so popular among thousands of players all over the globe.

There is no denying that land-based casinos have a totally different atmosphere. You can play against a live dealer, have a drink at the bar (or a meal at a fancy restaurant), enjoy a spectacular show, and talk to other gamblers. There is an established category of people who prefer offline casinos to their online counterparts.

Online casino Canada

On the other side, online casinos offer more comfort. For some people, it’s the only way to gamble for money.You probably know that many countries banned gambling. But online casinos are pretty hand to ban, which allows people to gamble without the need to look for illegal brick-and-mortar casinos online.

Online casino risks

As you put your money at stake when gambling online, you run the risk of losing your entire deposit. This risk is typical for both land-based and online casinos. But the risk of going bankrupt is even higher at online casinos due to the following factors:

Swindle at casinos online

People suffering from gambling addiction are more at risk at online casinos rather than at brick-and-mortar venues. High availability and no restraints may result in serious negative consequences.

Online casino Canada

At the same time, people with gambling addiction should avoid all types of casinos online, both online and offline. Rogue online casinos are a much more serious issue. Absolutely any player may fall victim to swindlers.

Rogue online casinos

Searching for a reliable and time-tested online casino with established reputation is a rather hard task. Although the choice is endless, the number of good online casinos is pretty limited. But this does not mean that a novice player will necessarily face swindlers.

Fortunately, here are some factors that can help identify a rogue casino:

If you identified at least one of the above factors, you should avoid registering at such a casino. It is probably a trap.

Sometimes, players suffer from being inattentive or greedy. A rogue online casino may create a copy of a renowned casino website. So keep your eyes wide open and check every detail before making a deposit.No need to hurry up only to regret it later.

Online casino Canada

The same goes for too big bonuses with easy wagering requirements. You probably know that all online casinos introduce strict wagering requirements to prevent players from withdrawing their bonuses from the system.If you see easy wagering requirements, you’re looking either at a novice online casino trying to build a client base, or a rogue casino. The first scenario is pretty common, though.

Rogue casinos online usually have a short life time (no more than 1 year). This is yet another factor you can identify them by.

Choosing a reliable online casino

Our website will help you pick a trustworthy online casino. We have studied hundreds of online casino, checked quality of numerous slot machines, analyzed bonus offers, and made our own online casino rating.With us, searching for an honest online casino and avoiding swindlers will become a piece of cake.

Of course, you can search all by yourself. But if you’re just beginning to explore the world of online gambling, you should better listen to seasoned experts. Anyway, the choice is yours. We’ll be happy to give you some tips on what things to focus on and what casinos online are the best.