How To Release Your Bonus

Getting a big signup bonus from a casino online is only half of the story. The tough part is to release it. For the most part, beginning players ignore bonus terms. They accept the bonus, hoping to get their hands on it right away. The obstacle between you and your bonus is known as wagering requirements. Many players fail to fulfill wagering requirements and lose their bonuses. However, it’s only the player’s fault.

When offering you a bonus, an online casino invites you to read the bonus terms. It’s entirely your responsibility to read the terms and take a weighted decision on whether or not take the bonus. If you have any questions about wagering requirements, do not hesitate to ask user support.

How to release your bonus

If you’re determined to make a good use of casino bonuses, make sure to read bonus terms. Note that they may vary from casino to casino. Online casino bonuses are not entirely free. No online casino will give you even 5 dollars, let alone hundreds of dollars, without asking something in return.

To cash out your bonus, you first need to fulfill wagering requirements. In other words, you must bet more money than the casino gave you. For example, x3 wager means that you must bet three times your bonus amount. Imagine how hard it is to release a x10 wager bonus or higher.

Furthermore, you must use your own money to fulfill wagering requirements. Bonus money stays intact. To make it harder for players to cash out their bonuses, casinos online introduce multiple restrictions. Gambling only to release a bonus is not fun at all. This is why many gamblers give up, realizing that they will hardly succeed to get the bonus.

However, the most persistent of us manage to release their bonus, especially if it comes with a modest wager. Releasing a bonus and making profits is out of question, though. Casinos online are very reluctant to part with their money, and their wagering requirements are designed to keep bonus money in the system.