Online Casinos. What You Need to Know About Casino Bonuses

Bonuses at online casinos are rarely offered without additional conditions. In most cases, casinos try to make bonus wagering as difficult as possible or demand depositing additional money from players.

However, you shouldn't reject online casino bonuses. It's not only more interesting to play using bonuses, but in some cases is also more profitable.

Casino Bonus Size

Casino bonuses are usually meant a certain amount of money (or its equivalent in the form of credits or chips) that appears on players’ casino account after a successful registration. Often the obligatory condition for receiving casino bonus is to transfer money to casino account. Casino bonus size usually depends on the size of the money transfer. There are casino bonuses 3-5 times exceeding deposit amount, but more often they are 2-3 times the size of a deposit.

Wagering Casino Bonus Credits

Online casino bonuses without additional requirements are exceptionally rare. Usually they come together with obligatory playthrough requirements, also known as wagering.

Wagering requirement in most cases is presented in the form of a coefficient, for example x20, and shows how much money a gamer should spend playing casino games in order to receive the right to withdraw bonus money. Wagering equal to x10 for a $100 casino bonus tells us that to cash out money, players need to bet altogether 100x10=$1,000.

Wagering Casino Bonus Credits

Although the final number seems terrifying, you need to understand that many bets bring you winnings and can be used for placing new bets. However, big casino bonuses are quite hard to withdraw. Often it's required to make second and even third deposit to fulfill wagering requirements. That means that the bigger casino bonuses the less chances of wagering them.

Casino Bonus Time Limit

Another important online casino bonus characteristic is the time during which players can try to meet wagering requirements. Usually it's quite limited, that's why you shouldn't rely on wagering casino bonus infinitely. Generally casino bonus is active during a month and after that is cancelled if a player fails to fulfill wagering requirements. At some casinos, bonus credits are possible to wager partially.

It should be taken into account that not all games are eligible for wagering. Roulette bets are not counted toward wagering or are counted using lower coefficient, for example 0.1. Slot machines are usually available without restrictions.