Online Casino. Casino Bonuses for Playing Without Depositing

Online casino bonuses that don't require deposits are not very common even though players like this type of encouragement. One hour bonus is one of popular casino bonus types.

The author of this unusual online casino promotion is Microgaming Company that first offered it among other casino bonuses. To use this casino bonus, players need to register at the casino. But they don't have to deposit money. That is convenient especially if a player still hasn't decided whether he/she wants to become a customer at this online casino or first would like to look closer at what games are offered.

Differences from Other Casino Bonuses

At online casinos bonuses have a certain time limit, but it's usually quite a long time period, for example a week or a month. In this case one hour bonus type is discussed. One hour isn’t much, but during this time a player can place bets absolutely for free and what is more important, win real money.

As was already mentioned, no deposits are required to activate this type of casino bonuses. Of course, you won't receive it without registration, but this is a small price for getting bonus money on your account.

Differences from Other Casino Bonuses

Depending on conditions, players might be required to fill in a short form to activate the casino bonus, although in most cases casino bonus is given right after a successful registration.

Wagering Casino Bonus for One Hour

Online casino gives its new customers some amount of credits that can be spent on all or majority of games. Casino bonus size can be quite large. Some casinos knowingly make it significant with the intent to allow players enough time to place maximum bets and feel, what is called, the taste of gambling.

Winnings received when using one hour casino bonuses are paid in the form of real money, but withdrawing them isn't immediately possible. To get access to the credits won, players have to make a real deposit, and most probably fulfill additional wagering requirements. Wagering requirements can be quite difficult, that's why players shouldn't expect an easy withdrawal.

However, it would be naïve to think that online casino bonuses, especially those received with no deposits, can be cashed out without additional requirements.

But the main advantage of one hour casino bonuses still remains. The opportunity to get bonus money for playing without a deposit is attractive enough, and a lot of new players use it.