Big bonuses at online casino and small bonuses. How to choose casino bonuses

Casino bonuses given to new players for their first deposits are considered to be big, but at the same time they have the hardest wagering requirements.

Novice online casino players rarely think about how they are going to fulfill bonus playthrough requirements, and first of all look at the size of casino bonuses. That's probably the major problem with online casino bonuses. The bigger they are the more difficult they are to cash out.

Fulfilling Wagering Requirements Is Optional

Almost everything depends on wagering requirements, but usually the more generous casino bonuses the lower the chances of cashing them out.

From the other hand, no one forces players to fulfill casino bonus wagering requirements. It's up to player to decide. Moreover, very often releasing bonus money isn't the goal, but is done just because a lot of bets give winnings.

Frequent Bets

Casino players willing to release casino bonuses should get ready for frequent bets. If active gaming isn't planned, they whether need to increase bet size or forget about withdrawing casino bonuses.

Big bonuses at online casino and small bonuses

But if the user wanted to register at an online casino anyway and didn't expect much from casino bonuses, then wagering requirements will not bother him/her.

Simple Conditions

If the goal is to cash out casino bonuses, then players should prefer those casino websites that offer the easiest wagering rules. Usually such casinos are easy to identify because they have small casino sign up bonus.

For instance, if first deposit gives player 50-100% match online casino bonus, then you can almost always expect not the hardest wagering requirements.

But if you are promised 300-500% match casino bonus, and bonus program rewards you for first 2-3 deposits, then you shouldn't doubt. Most probably you won't be able to release bonus credits.

Advantages Of Small Casino Bonuses

As a result, there's a simple rule that says that small casino bonuses are much easier to release than big ones.

The smaller casino bonuses the lower the chances that you'll lose a lot of money before you can withdraw bonus credits.

Big online casino bonuses are withdrawn extremely rarely, since they require big and frequent bets. That's quite risky and not every casino player can afford it.

You can read wagering requirements before registering at casino. They are not kept secret and are available to all online casino visitors. Often rules are written in a quite confusing way, but using calculator and basic mathematical calculations, you can quickly find out how much money you'll have to bet in order to release casino bonuses.