Online Casino Bonus And Promotion. Types And Specifics. How To Use Best Bonuses

Nowadays, you can hardly imagine casinos online without a wide range of bonuses. Although online casino bonus and special offers do not increase your winning chances, they still secure a certain edge of a player over an online casino.

While land-based casinos are granting bonuses mostly to their VIP clients and highrollers, i.e. those spending tons of money on gambling, online casinos are more flexible and client-oriented. At the best gambling sites, gift is granted to absolutely every player who makes the minimum deposit to their account.

With such a player-friendly bonus policy and wide selection of exciting games, online gambling is reinforcing its position in the gambling industry and enjoying increasing popularity among gamblers worldwide.

Best online casino bonuses are a major focus of any respectable online casino. Savvy and well thought-out bonus policy is a trustworthy criterion of a good gambling site. Casino games which are eligible for gifts are much more popular than other games.

Although every online casino has its own offers, there is a clear classification by type and purpose.

Sign up bonus casino

When picking a new online casino, many gamblers are focusing primarily on the size of sign up bonus as the largest and most generous cash prize. Usually, money given to a new client is 2-3 times more that their deposit.

It can be said that bonuses – among other things – give players an opportunity to enjoy and make money on online casino games. Unlike free demo mode where you cannot count on real winnings, you can earn real money using your best casino bonuses – on the condition that you meet wagering requirements.

Sign up bonus for stakes

Fulfilling play through requirements is as important as the size of your online casino sign up bonus. Along with encouraging their clients with best bonuses, online casinos are unwilling to part with their money. To make it harder for players to cash out their gifts, were introduced wagering requirements. Having generous cash prizes on your account does not mean that you can manage it as you wish.

Sticky bonus

A so-called ‘sticky‘ bonus is available at multiple best online casinos. Unlike other forms of client encouragement, this type is non-cashable, meaning that it cannot be withdrawn from gambling site. Remember that sticky bonus is given for play purposes only.

Sticky bonuses come in different forms, such as lottery tickets and coupons to participate in interesting tournaments. Another form of sticky gift is complimentary points that secure more favorable play terms.

Online casino promotion

Online casino promotion

To players interested in exploring free games, we would recommend to participate in promotion programs. This is a great opportunity to collect points that can be later exchanged for real-money bets.

Furthermore, promotion programs allow clients to boost their ranking. The higher your ranking, the more gifts you can get.

As online casinos are doing their best to gain loyal clients, their promotion programs include most valuable and interesting gifts. Nonetheless, many things depend on a certain online casino. Some gambling sites are focusing on attracting new clients rather than preserving and pampering the existing ones.

Why a big casino bonus is not always a good thing

Once a newly registered player makes a deposit to their account, they’re given a nice money prize. To encourage you as a new client, a gaming website can double or even triple your deposit amount. First, it’s a way of thanking a player for choosing the casino. Second, a reward spurs you to leave more money on the gaming website. Highrollers can count on more lucrative than ordinary gamblers.

However, nice rewards from USA online casinos have a few pitfalls. The problem is that every bonus comes with wagering requirements. Before you can release your money prize, you need to wager your bonus amount a certain number of times. Tough wagering requirements make it harder to a player to actually use their money. If you fail to fulfill wagering requirements within a limited period of time and on a limited range of games, a gaming website will take away the money it’s given to you. In the best scenario, a player manages to only release a part of their reward.

Online Casino Bonus And Promotion

If an online casino USA offers you a 300% bonus on your first deposit, you need to stay on guard. Before accepting a reward, be sure to find out what you need to do in order to cash it out. It’s not uncommon that attractive figures hide a long list of tough requirements you’ll never be able to fulfill.

No-deposit casino bonus

However, making a deposit is not always a necessary condition for a money reward. At USA no deposit casino, you don’t need to credit your account in order to enjoy a money prize. It needs to be said that such generous operators are very few.

To be eligible for a no-deposit bonus, you need to register a new account. As for the size of a reward, it turns out to be very modest. A new client either gets USA casino no deposit bonus codes, or 5-10 dollars to spend on bets. More generous offers are hard to find.

If you’ve been lucky enough to obtain a no-deposit reward, you won’t be able to cash it out immediately. Just like their deposit counterparts, no-deposit prizes come with wagering requirements as well. The good news is that they’re easier to fulfill. So if you want to release your money, you’ll have to credit your account anyway.

Loyalty program are your best choice

According to seasoned gamblers, a good loyalty program can boost your enjoyment from gambling multiple times. By making more bets, you can earn a higher membership status and get access to numerous perks. The biggest benefit is that loyal clients get back a part of their money back.

High-status gamblers enjoy exclusive offers, tournaments tickets, bonus casino, and other juicy advantages. Furthermore, you can exchange your comp points for valuable prizes. A well-designed loyalty program makes gamblers feel privileged and valued. If you’re a die-hard blackjack fan, recovering a part of your money boosts your chances to beat the house. Of course, you need to be an advanced blackjack player to stand a chance.


No, you can’t do that on any gaming website. To cash out your rewards, you first need to fulfill playthrough requirements.

You’re allowed to make bets on slot machines and some card games. While some gaming sites put roulette on the list of eligible games, others believe that this game makes it too easy for players to fulfill wagering requirements.

Although you can’t turn down a money prize, you don’t have to release it. You can keep on gambling as if the reward isn’t there. It won’t be long before it disappears from your account.

No, you can’t. Every newly registered client is given a signup bonus only once. If you choose to stick with your selected gaming website, you may become eligible for a loyalty program. To get another signup reward, you need to register with another gaming platform.