Blackjack All In: Rules and specifics

To put it simply, Black Jack All In has pretty much the same rules as the classical blackjack game. This article outlines a couple of specific features that make Black jack All In slightly different from its prototype. The main difference is that online Black jack All In game does not end when a player has a hand higher than 21. Black jack All In at online casinos is played with six standard decks (no Jokers), 52 cards each.

About cards

There’s nothing tough about it. Cards Two to Ten are worth their nominal value. High cards (Queen, Jack, King) are counted as 10 points. Like in the classical poker, Ace is counted as 1 or 11 points in a soft/hard hand.

Suppose you made a bet. The maximum number of hands or boxes to play is 5 at least. Hands or boxes are played by turn. The dealer shuffles the deck and deals two cards to the player and himself. The player’s cards are dealt face down. One of the dealer’s cards is dealt face up.

Blackjack All In


How to play online Black jack All In

Now you can split your hand into 2 boxes and continue playing each of them. Be careful, though: you need to place the same the bet on the second box as you did on the first one. After playing the first hand, switch to the other one. The dealer joins the game only after the player has made the final decision on their boxes..

We would like to draw your attention to black jack insurance, which is a player-friendly and useful tool. If the dealer’s open card is an Ace, you can insure yourself against the dealer having a black jack. Insurance is basically an additional bet you need to make. It amounts to half of your initial bet. If the dealer has a black jack, you initial bet loses while your insurance bet covers your losses and allows you to break even. If it’s you who has a black jack, the dealer offers you an even-chances game. If the player is insured and has a black jack, payouts are 1 to 1.


Black jack All In features some curious specifics. For example, if you score a hand higher than 21 points, you can replace your last card. But you lose half of your initial bet.

If you have less than 21 points, you can draw additional cards. If the resulting hand is higher than 21 yet again, you lose. The same black jack rules apply for a split-up hand. The only difference is that if one of the hands is higher than 21, you need to play the other hand.

The dealer plays starting from 17 points. If both the dealer and the player scored more than 21 points (the dealer has 22 points), the game ends in a draw and players get their bets back.