About Playing Baccarat at online casino? How to play at online Baccarat

Baccarat, as many other casino games, has a big number of strategies. Players need to be very careful while choosing those strategies. The thing is, right strategy for baccarat is not the way to reach success twice easier, but at least the way to lower casino edge over player even if this change is insignificant.

What is it? It's quite simple. In the long run casino will always stay in profit. There are no equal chances, casino will have at least several percentage edge anyway, otherwise industry wouldn’t be that profitable for players.

We would like to mention that no strategy can completely remove casino advantage since player has practically almost no influence over situation at baccarat table. But our recommendations will probably help you avoid risks of making mistakes which would have negative effect on your bankroll.

What You Shouldn't Do?

From a mathematical point of view, casino edge over player is different for three different types of bet. Let's try to determine it of each of these bets:

  1. If you bet on player, casino has 1.29% edge. Quite nice value

  2. If you bet on banker, advantage is almost completely gone - 1.01%

  3. If your bet is on tie, then in this case edge is 15.75%

Let's make discussion of this question more understandable. With each 100 dollars which you spend on bets, you lose about 1.29 dollars. Correspondingly, with 100 dollars bet on tie, you lose $15.75 which is a quite solid amount. It's highly not recommended to place baccarat tie bets despite very good payouts, the chances of tie bet winning are very small.

What You Shouldn't Do While Playing Baccarat?

Choosing Number of Decks

In some cases casinos offer to play baccarat with different number of decks. This option isn't frequently offered, and if you are lucky to be in such casino, your best choice is a 6-deck baccarat. Note that commission taken for bets on banker shouldn't be higher than 4%. At online casinos you can even have one-deck baccarat. Usually this type of baccarat is available in casinos built on Microgaming platform.

Good Money Management

What you shouldn't do while playing baccarat? Successful player is the one who can manage risks and money with a great deal of responsibility. If you bet on one round more than you can afford, sooner or later you'll find yourself bankrupt. We offer our reader the list of simple instructions that will help you avoid unnecessary losses:

  1. Playing with borrowed money is the first step to gambling addiction.

  2. Before you start playing baccarat, determine maximum amount of money you can lose. Don't exceed this maximum even if you feel that the next round will definitely be winning.

  3. It would be good to decide how much you'll bet each round, and follow your plans.

  4. The rule of a successful player is to save some part of winnings, keep that money separately and never take them.

  5. Trying to win back your losses at any cost is another step towards gambling addiction.

Follow the strategy you’ve developed in advance and constantly analyze your actions. That’s how you can avoid making a lot of mistakes, and possibly leave casino with winnings!