The Worst Online Casino Bets

The Worst Online Casino BetsYou  must know the online casino players who invented their own systems of bets based on intuition rather than on reasonable facts, strategies, and planning. These players are not that interested in winning. They enjoy the process of playing and emotions they are experiencing.

Although it may seem strange, very often such people don’t even need to play. Sometimes, they just stand around the table and give tips to other players that are takingpart in the game. Below, you will find a list of the worst online casino bets that players can possibly make.

The worst bets in blackjack

By playing blackjack online, you can estimate your chances to win. If you follow main blackjack rules and strategies , you will always have advantages. And if you know how to count cards, you may even keep winning on a regular basis. On the other hand, if you’re not applying any rules, you risk leaving all your money at the online casino. Among gambling lovers, there are some inadequate players (pretty drunk, by the way) that stand on 10 and take on 20, which increases the house edge almost by three times. Even the most typical mistakes made by totally reasonable players (like, for example, splitting tens when the dealer has 6 or standing on 16 when the dealer has 8) increase the house edge significantly.

American roulette at Online Casino

There are a number of online casino games that offer even lower house edge that the American roulette. But as by choosing the European roulette, you decrease the casino edge almost twice, American roulette can head this list. If for any reason, you decided to try out American roulette version with two zero cells, remember that you are facing a 5.26% house edge – compared to 2.7% house edge in European roulette.

Bets in dice

When playing dice, you have high odds of both winning and losing. However, if you make a standard pass-line bet, the house edge is just 1.41%. Moreover, if you combine this bet with lay odds bet, you will further decrease the online casino’s chances to win.

Egalite bet in baccarat

Baccarat grew very popular as a chic pastime of high society members. Even today, this online casino games has not lost its aura of luxury and still associates with men and women in expensive suits and dresses, with a martini drink in their hands. Players can choose among three types of bets – banco, punto, and egalite. Banco offers 1.06% online casino edge, while punto – 1.24%. Two of these bets give the player real chances to win. But egalite bet has a whopping 14.4% house edge. This means that you may as well just give your money to the online casino without even playing.