Making sense of continuous main prize games at online casino

In the course of looking through what games an online casino has to offer, new players will come across some games called escalating games. What are they? And how are they different from other games in the online casino. Those questions are what we will aim to provide answers to. So let's hit it.

Making sense of continuous main prize games at online casino


To understand what a continuous casino is game, a little bit of explanation is in order. The normal mode of play in any online casino is that players put down their bets expecting to win a prize. The prize being several times the amount they bet based on a ratio say 1:3. Usually this ratio is constant and doesn’t change. So say for instance, a player bets on a black number and a black number is called, then the player gets paid on a ratio of 1:3, a $100 stake will return $300. Now in continuous jackpot games, there's a slight twist. Unlike in normal games where the ratio is constant, in escalating games, this is not so. The ratios change from time to time, based on the amount that have gathered in the main prize. With each bet placed, the amount in the main prize keeps increasing and the ratio for paying out winnings, also changes increasing as well on a continuous basis. No doubt online casino patrons find this stimulating. This is because:

  1. The expected winnings are quite large, far larger than those of regular games.
  2. As you play, the main prize increases and this increase can be seen by everyone playing. This no doubt contributes to building up the excitement.

Where do I find these online casino games?

You usually find most of them in the online slot section. Not surprising given that slot games predominate at most online casinos. But you must be aware of one thing. Not all continuous slot games are the same. As such, you must identify and learn to pick the ones that suit your emotional makeup and your aims. For instance in some of the continuous games, the events that trigger the main prize doesn’t t occur often, therefore the chances of winning this main prize is greatly reduced which can be disappointing to some.