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Frequent visitors of land-based casinos or first-class slot rooms? Are You like all slots casino? You must know the Australian online pokie called “Queen of the Nile” manufactured by the Australian company Aristocrat. This is, undoubtedly, one of the most famous Australian pokies machines in the world, including America. If you know what an online pokie is, then you must have at least a general notion of Australian online pokies. Australian pokies online and free slots pokies were the first to conquer the whole world. Today anyone from any corner of the world can play all slots for fun and australian pokies online for free.

Australian free slots pokies

All slots casino and online pokies in Australia are called video poker, poker machines, or just pokies. However, their official name is Gaming Machines. However strange it may seem, all free online slots and online pokies in Australia are known under this name, whether they have to do something with online poker or not. You can find them at any online casino and – more importantly - play free pokies online in Australia.

So that you could understand what role play free slot games or pokies online in Australia, I will give you some official statistics. In the middle of the 20th century Australia saw some legislation changes, which resulted in rapid spreading of Australian pokies in different states. Today every person from any corner of the world can play free online pokies in Australia without leaving their home. In addition, they have another significant advantage – you can play all slots for fun and Australian pokies online absolutely for free.

Entertaining facts about free slots online pokies in Australia

Income from pokies online in Australia located in bars and night clubs amounted to over half of the general income from gambling business received by the state authorities in 2002-2003. In 1999, according to Australian Commission on Productivity, there were about 180.000 pokies in Australia, half of which is located in New South Wales. This amount makes 21% of the total number of slots in the whole world!

Another surprising fact: Australia has 5 times more pokies per capita than the USA. In New South Wales the revenue from pokies online in Australia increased from $425.2 mln in 1978 to $238 mln in 1998. Rapid spreading of online pokies in Australia resulted in religious and social organizations worrying about negative effects of problem gambling.

The main difference between free pokies in Australia from the classic free slots games is that the Australian pokies online use video screens to simulate real reels (usually 5 reels). Australian online pokies offer an extra bonus game and special functions of the second screen, such as free prize games or display of extra winnings.

Real-money and free slots pokies in Australia also allow to play at numerous lines (up to 50) and numerous ways (up to 243) simultaneously. This high level of online pokies complexity offers players more winning opportunities. Anyway, this is how it’s meant to be. More importantly, Australian online pokies are much more interesting and entertaining for players. This deciding factor played a major role in spreading popularity of Australian pokies online all over the world.