Blackjack Myths That Are Beneficial for Casino

Blackjack Myths That Are Beneficial for CasinoLet’s further consider the topic of blackjack myths that are popular among online casinos players. We have already talked about major blackjack myths. Today, we will talk about the probability of winning, blackjack insurance and the prohibited practice of card counting.

#1. The probability of winning doesn’t change when the cards are leaving the shoe

This is so not true. It is changing, and significantly. The more large-valued cards are left in the shoe, the higher is the probability of winning in the next round.

#2. Game with one deck and blackjack paid as 6:5 had the same winning chances as a standard game with six decks

If other rules are the same, the game with one deck is really more beneficial. However, blackjack paid as 6:5 not only level off the extra edge, but increases the house edge even more.

#3. Accept equal money in order to receive at least some winnings

When the dealer offers you equal money, you are tempted to accept less money in order not to lose everything. From the optimal strategy perspective, this is a wrong approach. You shouldn’t accept equal money, because this is beneficial for the casino.

#4. Blackjack insurance never pays off

In most cases, blackjack strategy is not beneficial for the player. However, card counters use it sometimes. This happens when the remaining decks have lots of Tens, which increases the chances of the dealer getting a blackjack.

#5. Card counting is illegal

No one has never been fined or imprisoned for card counting. Nevertheless, casinos prohibit card counting and refuse to further attend players that are suspected of practicing this method. In addition, some inventive casinos can introduce new rules for the game or apply other methods that make card counting inefficient.

#6. Blackjack is the most beneficial game for the player

This statement may be right for land-based casinos, where the player can follow the optimal strategy, use card counting and other methods. As we have already discussed, card counting at online casinos makes no sense. For this reason, video poker and craps (well, at least some bets) are the most profitable casino games.

We hope that this article will help you understand blackjack and play it more efficiently.