Auto play function. Most of gambling games – both offline and online – have a repetitive, cyclic nature

Most of gambling games – both offline and online – have a repetitive, cyclic nature. In other words, a vast majority of players use a standard algorithm of making bets and follow it religiously. Even if they lose round after round, they keep pressing “Bet” or “Spin” buttons (depending on the game they are playing). This procedure has long become a common ritual. For the players that enjoy earning money through gambling rather than get pleasure from the process per se, auto play function is a great opportunity. You can choose the slots you like, set a desired amount of repeats and switch to other activities, such as walking a dog or watching TV. The automated program will do all the “work” for you: it will make bets and collect money (if you are lucky) on your virtual account. Isn’t that great?

Auto play function


Nowadays, all three largest software manufacturers for online casinos - Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic – have introduced the auto play option in their products.

Cryptologic complay offers the simple autoplay option. All the player needs to do is to set a certain amount of repeats, after which the game is played in automatic mode. Also note that auto play options from Playtech and Cryptologic are available for online slot games only.

Is auto play function really so popular and demanded among players? What future does this strange invention have? Many professional players and amateur gamblers, that enjoy gambling at blackjack or roulette tables, are perplexed by that novelty. In fact, such new functions undermine the very basics of gambling. They deprive the player of emotions and excitement - all that the player wants to experience at online or offline casino.

The next article is dedicated to auto play function by Microgaming and Playtech software manufacturers.