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How to win big at online casinos

According to common players, really good payouts happen once in a blue moon. Nonetheless, absolutely any gambler has a real chance to get rewarded by lady luck. Here are some stories proving that anything is possible.

The happiest video slot

In 1989, Megabucks slot became a sensation at both online and land-based Las Vegas casinos. One day, a player named Elmer Sherwin decided to start betting big. He saved a round sum of money and came to a Las Vegas casino to try his luck on Megabucks slot. His first $100 bet brought him the $5 million Megabucks Jackpot.

How To Win Big At Online Casinos

Unwilling to risk his winnings, Sherwin took the money and spend the following year traveling around the globe.

Upon his return, Elmer decided to try again, hoping that this winning streak will linger. Selmer enjoyed gambling from time to time. When the first online casinos appeared in the 90s, Elmer preferred online slots over offline ones.

Sixteen years after his first triumph, Elmer hit another jackpot! The most amazing things is that it happened on the same Megabucks slot. It is hardly surprising that Megabucks popularity among gamblers soared. Elmer’s second win amounted to 21 million dollars. By that time, Sherwin was about 90 years old. Doubting that he will have the time to spend the bounty, Sherwin contributed the most part of his big win to Katrina survivors.

How To Win Big At Online Casinos

Megabucks slot is involved in yet another amazing story. In a Las Vegas casino, an unknown gambler made the exact same bet Elmer Sherwin had once made. You won’t believe this, but the lucky player won a whopping 40 million dollars! The gambler preferred to take interval payments over the term of 25 years, as he probably wanted to keep himself from spending all the money in one go.