Unbeneficial Online Casino Bets

Unbeneficial Online Casino BetsIt’s no surprise that players are the main source of income of every online casino. Of course, it has other sources, too. Food, drinks, entertainments, hotel rooms – all these things bring profit to the online casinos. Still, bets remain the main source of profits. This fact is acknowledged by both casino owners and players. Any unreasonable bet will literally transfer mony from the player’s pocket into the casino’ pocket. You should understand that some bets are beneficial for the player, while others should be avoided. However, casinos prefer to hide this fact and not to emphasize what bets are considered unbeneficial. In this article, we will talk about unbeneficial casino bets.

Blackjack insurance

Dealers are always trying to interest players in taking blackjack insurance. We wouldn’t recommend you to do this. The casino gets 8% of every insured bet. So you should always avoid blackjack insurance, if possible.


Keno is a lottery variation. The house edge is at least 25%.Although more traditional lotteries have even larger house edge, 25% is a rather scaring figure in order not to play this casino game.

American roulette in Online Casino

Unlike European roulette, American roulette has an extra zero cell that practically doubles onlint casino ‘s winning odds. While European roulette offers a 2.7% house edge, American roulette has a whopping 5.25% house edge. The conclusion is clear.

Side bets in craps

When playing craps, you can make the so-called “side bets”, one of them being a roll bet. Few players know that the online casino’s winning odds reach 16% in that game. This is why you should avoid this bet.

Tie bet in baccarat

Baccarat is an incredibly popular online casino game. You can make three types of baccarat bets: on Player, on Banker, and on Tie. The problem is that the bet on Tie secures a 14.$% house edge, which is pretty much.

Progressive jackpot in Caribbean Stud

Knowing and experienced players that participate in Caribbean Stud are not enticed with large winnings promised in progressive jackpot. Of course, it would be nice to snatch a large sum of money. But there is a “small” problem here: progressive jackpot at Caribbean Stud gives the online casino whopping 25% winning odds.