Is There Need To Switch Between Video Pokers?

Is There Need To Switch Between Video Pokers?Many video poker players change machines throughout the play session in order to find the most beneficial model. Does this practice make sense? Let’s get to this issue.


Switching between video poker machines in hope of catching luck is pointless. With random number generator, you never know at what video poker machine you win the largest sum.

Your own calculations

Sometimes, players change the machine after snatching a large sum. They think that from now on this machine starts taking their money. However, theoretical payback works in the long run. Every machine can keep losing for a rather long time. In addition, you don’t know how much money was lost or won by other gamblers that played that machine before you.

Theoretical payback

The most grounded reason to change a video poker machine is to switch to the model with a higher payback rate. Try to find the machine with a minimum house edge (or without it at all).


Today, you can switch to another video poker machine at land-based casino if you lack comfort. For example, the player next to you is smoking, you’re cold because of the air conditioner, or you’re sitting near the entrance. Moreover, the picture on the screen can be unsharp, and buttons may stick. You can find yourself in the same situation at online casino, too. The casino can offer you video poker machines manufactured by different companies. If you dislike design or interface of one brand, try out the same video poker by another manufacturer.

Range of bets

Video poker machines at the casino can vary by range of bets. If you lost or won a significant amount of money, you may want to switch to a video poker with a wider or narrower range of bets. Be careful, though. It’s important to stop in time.


If the casino offers several video poker machines with similar theoretical payback, you can switch between models to make your play process more entertaining.


When switching between video poker machines, you make pauses and relax a little. This helps you maintain concentration and avoid mistakes.

Reducing expenses

When changing video poker machines frequently, you reduce the amount of played rounds. Slowing down playing process means reducing the total amount of losses. However, if the odds are in your favor, frequent change of machines may cause reverse consequences.


Changing video poker machines is justified only if this brings you advantages: increased theoretical payback, higher level of comfort, etc. Otherwise, it’ s not only useless but dangerous. Some psychologists claim that this kind of behavior deceives the player into the idea that they have a large influence on the outcome of the game, which may lead to negative consequences. Be careful and stay sensible.