Hypnotic Effect of the Slots in online casino

Online Casino Slots: Hypnotic EffectEveryone of us must have faced a similar situation – you plan to play at your favorite slot in online casino for no more than 15 minutes and end up spending two or three hours playing. Slots have a powerful ability to absorb the player. Playing at home in online casino, you can be easily distracted – for example, by your family members. Playing at the land-based casino, you`re more vulnerable.

Everyone knows that in land-based casinos there are no windows or clocks. Time flies by, and you can never guess what time it is now. “It must be evening“- this is the most common answer among those players who have no watch by themselves. But it may be night or morning already! The floor is covered by soft carpets concealing the sound of steps; pleasant music is playing quietly; the light is mild and a little scattered. Online casino atmosphere totally distracts players from the outside world. The player must get swept into excitement of gambling and forget about all other things.

The slot in online casino is a perfect place to forget about all problems and issues. Its continuous shimmering, special repeating sounds, absence of real human beings around, and monotonous gameplay drive player into a state similar to hypnosis. Half an hour or an hour later senses become dull, the player stops rejoicing over wins of get upset over losses. This happens not to all casino visitors, but a certain part of them succumb to slot effects. The situation is worsened by physical tiredness and influence of alcohol. In fact it`s not that easy to come out of this unpleasant state, because there is no sense of time and connection to the outside world.

To avoid this, you should take breaks during play, talk to the service staff, go to the cash deck to exchange chips, order food, talk on the phone, and so on. You should do everything possible to get distracted from the slot and not let it to rule your mind.

As it has been already mentioned, not all players are subject to such strong slot effect. Most people can stop playing at the right time.