Online Casino. Sign-up Online Casino Bonus and How To Clear It at Roulette

Online Casino. Sign-up Online Casino Bonus and How To Clear It at RouletteIt’s no secret that a sign-up – or welcome – bonus granted to a player by online casino is not only the largest and most generous bonus, but also the hardest one to clear. However, there is a sure way to clear it at roulette pretty fast.

High wager

Let’s be honest: online casino does not want any of its players to clear their bonuses. The best way to hinder this is to introduce tough wagering requirements, fulfilling which is close to impossible.

What is a wager? Wager is a multiplier showing the number of times you have to play though a bonus before being able to cash out any winnings. Let’s take a look at the example. x30 wager means that you need to spend on bets 30 times more money than was given to you as a bonus. Only then will you be able to withdraw your bonus money and your winnings –if any – from the system.

As you can see, with a high wager like this one, you chances to clear your bonus are rather slim. So beware of generous sign-up bonuses! They’re trouble.

Roulette advantages

Trying to fulfill wagering requirements at slot machines will most definitely end up in failure. Although slots have a pretty high payout rate, they remain completely unpredictable. Furthermore, making high bets at slots is very reckless. You risk playing away your entire bankroll!

Roulette is a perfect game for clearing sign-up bonuses. But here we’re talking only about such bets, as Red/Black, High/Low. The best choice is French roulette. If your online casino does not have one, you should play European roulette. These types of roulette offer the highest winning chances.

The rest is the question of luck. You can either make many small bets, or a couple of large ones. The first strategy is less risky, though.

You must understand that risk of losing is always there. But it’s much lower at roulette, compared to slot machines. Betting on even chances, a player gets a real opportunity not only to clear their bonus, but also to make a profit.

If luck is not on your side, you’ll lose your deposit (or most of it), but most definitely clear your bonus.

The only difficulty is that online casinos know that roulette is an easy way to fulfill wagering requirements. This is why at some casinos you can’t clear your sign-up bonus at roulette.