Safety of your money in Online Casino

Safety of your money in Online CasinoSafety on the Internet is a rather relevant and even burning issue for every player in online casino. Regardless of numerous preventive measures we take, we still have our suspicion and fear. Although most online casino players have no other choice but to trust online casino operators, every one of us feels uncomfortable when the casino asks your credit card information and personal data. Even the safest and most reliable online casinos can’t guarantee a 100% protection against dashing hackers and other problems.

However, if you try to ignore your half-grounded fears and popular myths, the situation seems not that bad. To provide safety, real money online casinos use the same methods as banks do. You can hardly imagine an establishment that would be more reliable than a bank, right? Those methods secure almost absolute protection of your account. Remember, however, that safety of your confidential data mostly depends on you. First of all, avoid simple passwords and don’t share your passwords with other people. According to statistical data, most accounts are hacked, because players pay little attention to the issue of their account safety.

Nowadays, most banks, credit organizations, funds, and other financial institutions use the SSL 128-bit protocol to encrypt the data they work with. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol is a digital technology that is much more difficult to hack than forge a signature, for example. Many online casinos have been applying this protocol for a long time already. So it’s safe so say that your money is protected online better than in real life.

Using money that is protected by SSL protocol is as safe as using an ATM or a credit card in your everyday life. Your winnings are confirmed through a phone verification, i.e. in order to withdraw money from the online casino account to your card or e-wallet, you need to answer a call from the casino operator. Casinos do this to make sure that the money is withdrawn by you, rather than some swindler that stole your password and is trying to withdraw your money to their account. Online transactions can be also verified via PIN-code - an old but good method. A PIN code is sent to your email. Entering the PIN code is an essential condition for withdrawing money from your account.