Online Roulette – most popular casino game. Play canadian roulette online

Online roulette is the most popular gambling game in the world. It is offered at every online casino. It attracts lots of gamblers all over the world. It’s not surprising that roulette online tables are surrounded by crowds of people watching the ball as if under the spell.

If you want find best canadian roulette online then this article is for you.Do you know that there are different types of roulette and online roulette game online? Of course, rules of this game haven’t changed in years. Still, there are three types of roulette that offer the player different chances to succeed.

French online roulette

As its name suggests, this type of roulette was invented in France. It is considered a forefather of other types of online roulette.

Its wheel is divided into 37 cells (numbered 1 to 36 and zero), 18 of which are painted black and another 18 are painted in red. Zero cell is painted green. Online roulette table is divided into cells as well.

The dealer starts a ball and the players must make bets before it stops. If the ball fell into the cell with the number the player bet on, the player wins and gets the winnings according to the payout table. This type of roulette online is the best online roulette.

Online RouletteEuropean roulette online

This type of online roulette game was invented after the French one. They does not differ much, except for a small detail. European roulette online has a rule called En Prison: If the player bets on chances and zero falls out, bets don’t burn but remain till the next round. If in the next round the player wins, they get back just their bet without winnings. If the player of online roulette games loses again, the bet burns. French roulette in online casino has a rule called La Partage: if zero falls out, a half of all bets burns.

American roulette online

For the player, American roulette is the least beneficial variation of online roulette. Besides zero cell, its wheel has a Double zero cell which decreases the possibility of winning twice. That is why we wouldn’t recommend you to get too carried away by American roulette online.

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