Rogue Casinos

Online gambling has been expanding rapidly over the recent years. Unfortunately, one of the implications of this tendency is the fact that you shouldn`t trust all online casinos. Although rogue casinos are regularly detected and closed, and their owners are sued, the issue of identifying unreliable casinos is of great importance nowadays.

When it concerns online security of your personal data and money, you should count mainly on yourself. It`s quite easy to identify a dishonest online gambling facility, and it doesn`t require special knowledge or skills.

Home page of the online casino can tell you a lot about its management. Confusing design, grammar and spelling mistakes, blank sections, lack of contact information –these are the signs of a dishonest casino. Pay attention to the list of the payment systems supported by the online casino – their number must be at least five, and all the links must be active. Ask the customer support a few questions to make sure it exists. By the way, a phone call is a reliable way to check the casino. Very often swindlers use a slightly altered site of a reputable casino, so it`s not so easy to tell a counterfeit from the original at first sight. A phone talk with a casino operator can clarify many things.

It`s reasonable to check casino licenses – electronic copies must be provided at one of the site pages. Find out the name of the gaming software manufacturer: well-known brands don`t collaborate with suspicious online casinos.

In case of any doubts make inquiries at specialized forums. A game portal functioning for at least a couple of months is sure to have collected the first critical as well as positive comments.

Avoid real money online casinos you learned about from spam or unreliable sources, such as shady sites and advertising blogs.

Gambling novices should be guided by ratings and globally known companies. This will surely protect them from swindlers.