Online casino bonus. The Rarest Bonus of Online Casino

The Rarest Bonus of Online CasinoToday, at prestigious casinos, you can find a great variety of bonuses. There is a list of the most popular bonuses that are offered by any reputable casino, e.g. bonus on first deposit is granted to every newly registered player.

In this article, we will tell you about the most popular and rarest casino bonuses offered by online casinos.

What Are We Talking About?

Not so long ago, brick-and-mortar casinos offered their clients the opportunity of returning a part of the lots money. This percentage varied from casino to casino and amounted to 5 to 25%. However, this wonderful opportunity was granted only when online gambling was developing, and only in some countries or regions. Back then, there were few professional and loyal clients, and it was very tough to attract new players to online casinos. That is why this return percentage was introduced.

Nowadays, you can hardly find this practice anymore. However, some brick-and-mortar casinos continue sticking to it. At online casinos, cash back bonuses are very popular. Now we will see why brick-and-mortar casinos stopped using it.

The Rarest Bonus of Online CasinoWhat Is The Reason?

Every reputable casino is trying to attract new clients, and various bonus programs are the best way to do it. Remember that you will have you win back every bonus playing for real money. Thus the casino gets its profits from granting bonuses. Most bonuses are not at all beneficial for players.

Cash back bonus which is the issue of this article is unbeneficial for casinos. It gives too little edge to casinos. Players get a part of the lost money back and continue playing without crediting their account. Of course, the player may lose. But he may as well win snatch a large sum playing for money he has got back. For this very reason, most casinos don’t want to take risks. Some online casinos offer a cash back bonus on a new deposit. However, players are not too enthusiastic about this bonus.

How Does It Work?

Cash back bonuses are charged in the following way. After losing their money the player gets it back. Cash back percentage can vary and depends on the amount of the loss and the time during which this happened (a day, a week, a month, etc.). There are no strict rules concerning charging a cash back bonus, while its amount is strictly limited.

Such special offers are held on a regular basis or in the honor of some event (e.g., the casino’s anniversary). Note that cash back bonuses are charged at certain days of the week. Cash back percentage may depend on the whole amount of lost bets.

Conditions of winning back cash back bonuses may be stricter than those of common bonuses. However, everything depends on the casino itself and its rules and policies.

The Rarest Bonus of Online Casino

Why Do Casinos Need This Bonus?

It may seem that a cash back bonus is completely unbeneficial for real money casinos. However, it brings some advantages, too. This bonus strengthens the reputation of online casino, and encourages its clients to keep playing there. Even if the player lost, they know that they will get a certain amount of their money back and won’t be so disappointed. They receive an opportunity to continue gambling later.

Casinos Offering Cash Back Bonus

As we have already mentioned, this type of bonuses is tough to find nowadays. To receive a cash back bonus, you need to become a privileged client, e.g. VIP-player. You can find this bonus at Casino Spin Palace. Here every client gets 10% from the lost money, but not over $/£/€10,000 a month. This type of bonus has minimum wager requirements.

Nowadays, you can get nice bonuses and interesting prizes less and less often. Try to stay informed on all changes in the world of online gambling.