How Online Casinos Prove Their Integrity

How Online Casinos Prove Their IntegritySome players do not consider licenses, certificates, and numerous promises to be plausible arguments. Online casino clients want to make sure that the casino plays fair and results are totally random.

For such skeptical players, online casinos offer a simple and easy-to-use mechanism. With its cryptographic protection system, online casinos prove fairness and transparency of results.

How it works

Random number generator creates a sequence of results for a slot, roulette, blackjack, or any other selected casino game.

This information is archived, password-protected and sent to a client’s email address. A client does not know the password, though.

As you can see, all results are pre-generated before the game takes place. During the game, they are repeated in the same order they were generated.

After the game, a client is given password to the encrypted file. By comparing results in the file with the actual results, a player makes sure that the game was fair. All doubts become invalid.

More possibilities

Top-range online casinos even give their clients the opportunity to affect how results are generated.

For example, a client is allowed to shift cards in a deck, shift roulette numbers, select cards, etc.

These actions are totally unpredictable, because you never know which card or number a client will pick. By doing so, a client sees that the casino plays fair. Moreover, he takes part in the result generation process.

Applied tools

Most online casinos use advanced and updated MD5 algorithm which generates a keyword for encrypted files. Password can weight up to 16 bytes, which ensures high level of protection against hackers.

The only drawback of this method is that the game follows a pre-determined scenario, which many players find boring and not worth their time and money.