Online Casino, Gambling And Personal Traits

Gambling And Personal TraitsFor most players at land-based and online casinos, gambling is an entertainment rather than a source of income. Therefore, you should choose only those games that bring you maximum pleasure. You are a calm and well-balanced person that feels awkward in the noisy environment? Then you will hardly feel comfortable at the craps table. Or you prefer thinking over every next step and can’t stand being pressured? Then you should avoid blackjack.

In this article, we would like to recommend you casino games that harmonize with your character and your personal traits.

You are sociable, energetic and pushing

Craps at the land-based casino is the best game for you. Here you will be surrounded by noise and fun. You can communicate with the dealer and your table partners. You can even throw the dice yourself. In craps, a wide range of bets is accepted. The playing process will fascinate you.

You are modest, shy, and reserved

If you are one of those introverted people, we recommend you casino games without dealers or other participants. Slots and video poker is what you need. You will be able to concentrate on the game without being distracted by anyone. In addition, many models have a small house edge, which is very beneficial for the player.

You are venturesome and dream of becoming rich in a nick of time

Try casino games with the chance of snatching a large sum of money. These include games with progressive jackpots – casino slots, online video poker, blackjack, etc. In addition, you can win a large sum playing craps, scratch or Keno. Remember that most bets, that may bring you progressive jackpot, are extremely unbeneficial for the player due to the high house edge.

You are conservative and have an analytical mind

Of course, you cannot count on pure luck only. You must also participate in the game directly and make decisions that influence the outcome. Classic variations of blackjack and video poker are your games. Applying ready basic strategies for these games, you can get true pleasure from playing.

You are ambitious

To simply win money is not enough for you. To be a true winner, you need competitors that you can defeat. You will surely like poker variations where you will have the opportunity to play against other players. Or you can take part in tournaments that are organized by online casinos on a regular basis.

You are frugal

It’s a common belief that people who count every penny don’t go to casinos. This is not true, though. Among gambling lovers, there are a lots of economical people. They are recommended to play games with maximum payback rates. They should also choose casinos that encourage their clients with beneficial loyalty programs, bonuses, and special offers.

You like to impress others

If you have a tendency to show off and have a large bankroll, you will find it easy to impress other casino visitors. You can make large bets in baccarat which is considered to be a traditional favorite game of aristocrats, or book a table for some other game. Or cover the roulette table with chips.

You are creative and original

Respectable casinos - especially online ones - offer new games to their clients on a regular basis. Casino software manufacturers are developing and introducing new video slots and variations of classical games. You will surely like unique slots, original side bets in traditional card games, exciting video poker machines, and more.

You are emotional but try to hide your emotions inside

If you’re easily upset by losses, hate arguing or have no need to share joy from winning, choose video slots and video poker. Try other games as well – but those where you can play alone.


In fact, whatever psychological type you were, you are free to play any casino games. Reserved and shy people prefer to sit at craps table, while reckless and inexperienced gamblers enjoy playing blackjack. The choice is yours.