All About Online Gambling in Canada and Canadian provinces

Canada is known for its tolerant attitude to many issues, including gambling. In Canada, gambling has been legalized since 1999. Around that time, the government passed a series of gambling laws and established the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and local gambling commissions in its provinces. That was a landmark occasion for the country’s gambling industry.

Gambling business, both land-based and online, is regulated by Articles 204, 206, and 207 of the Canada Criminal Code. Those are the fundamental principles for local regulations to rely on.

However, in reality things turn out to be slightly different. Although online casinos Canada are officially legal, state lottery tends to be the only gaming entertainment in most Canadian provinces. Nonetheless, no gambler has been put into prison or fined for playing gambling games on the Internet.

Online Gambling in Canada

History of online gambling in Canada

Prior to 2009, online casinos were banned in Canada. The Canadians, however, found the way out and gambled at multiple offshore casinos without any legal consequences.

The harshest casino ban in the history of Canadian gambling business dates back to 2007, when the Kahnawake Mohawk reservation was fined for 2 million dollars, with its gaming sites and poker rooms proclaimed illegal. After paying the fine, the reservation resumed to provide gaming services as if nothing had happened.

Online casinos in Canadian provinces

British Columbia was the first Canadian province to legalize internet gambling. In July of 2010, it launched the first online casino for its residents. Following the success of the pioneer casino, in 2011 the authorities opened a poker room for gamblers to enjoy.

In December of 2010, Quebec joined the trend by launching an online poker room and website with gambling games.

Manitoba lifted its online gambling ban in January of 2013. The gaming companies of the above-mentioned provinces formed a single network which allowed gamblers from different Canadian regions to play together.

Online Gambling in Canada

Currently, most Canadian provinces only allow certain forms of online gambling, such as state-run lotteries. In some regions, you can test your luck in a private online lottery as well. As for other gaming entertainments, those are prohibited by law. At the same time, land-based casino games are freely available to all gamblers older than 18 or 19.

Top popular slot machines in Canada

Mega Moolah is a stunning progressive slot that gives you a chance to win a multi-million cash prize.

Tomb Raider is a classic 5-reel video slot plotted around the iconic Lara Croft movies. The game features generous multipliers and bonus rounds with mind-blowing payouts.

Gladiator is a 5-reel, 30-payline slot machine. It’s your opportunity to travel back in time and see legendary gladiators in Ancient Rome. Prepare to enjoy three bonus rounds, multiple free spins, and stacking Wilds.

The Dark Knight is a dream come true for all Batman fans. The slot features 5 reels, 243 winning combinations, exciting bonus rounds, and life-changing progressive jackpot.

Avalon is a 5-reel video slot with two Wild symbols, high-paying multipliers, and mouth-watering prize of 30,000 coins.

Online gambling in Canada can serve as an example of a successful, lucrative cooperation between state authorities and casino owners. While gaming websites are a major source of budget revenues, the Canadians can enjoy gaming entertainments without the risk of being punished. This makes it a win-win for both the state and its citizens who want to play at legally licensed casinos. As a result, Canada has a relatively small percentage of people suffering from ludomania.