Online Casinos For High Rollers

High rollers are considered to be elite category of online casino players. They are ready to spend for one bet more than some gamers spend during a month. VIP online casino customers are always offered more lucrative terms and conditions compared to other users.

But it can't be called discrimination. High rollers bring online casinos more profit and that's why they are given bonuses and offered various promotions. Game rules are the same for everyone.

Online Casinos For High Rollers

What Can Rich Casino Players Expect

Casinos online have two effective tools to attract VIP players. First one of them is to increase the size of a welcome bonus. Second tool is to give big players high loyalty program level.

If you've read terms and conditions of a welcome bonus at least once, you probably noticed that its size was always limited to a certain amount. Bonus limit can be $400 or even $1,000 but it's always there.

For online casino players ready to deposit really big (usually $1,000 and more) there are other limits. Moreover, welcome bonus can have no obvious limits and will depend only on the deposit size.

Online casino high rollers are usually automatically assigned one of the highest loyalty program levels even if the player registered just half an hour ago. It is done to encourage online casino customer to continue placing big bets. Many VIP casino players value not their winnings, but their special status, for instance, knowing that he/she is the most valued player.

Online Casinos For High Rollers

Almost always high rollers have their personal online casino manager who is ready to help them any time. Some online casinos allow their VIP customers to establish casino credit line after signing required documents.

What Online Casino High Rollers Should Choose

Of course, you should consider only the best online casinos that have official rules regarding VIP players. Many online casinos don't specify bonuses they offer to high rollers and say that bonuses are determined in each individual case. It would be better if casino players could know conditions in advance. Important aspect of a good online casino for high roller is the absence of bet limits. It's also preferable for online casino to have live support.