How Can Online Casinos Earn Players' Trust?

How Can Online Casinos Earn Players' Trust?British scientists conducted an interesting survey recently. They tried to find out what characteristics of online casino get players to trust gambling operators.

Considering how fast online casinos have been progressing for the past several years, the survey has a good timing. It is helpful both for gamers when choosing casino to play at and for casinos themselves.

The results of the survey revealed surprising facts. Turns out that interesting slots and attractive casino bonuses are not as important as they seem to be. Players pay almost no attention to those factors when they select an online casino.

Online Casino Reputation

Casino reputation is considered to be the most significant factor for new players. Gamers analyze ratings and reviews from various independent sources together with feedbacks given by people they know. In case casinos don't have a solid reputation, players seem uninterested in further details and move on to evaluating other options.


Brand awareness is essential for success. Casinos that are hardly familiar to the wide audience have much less chances to attract customers. Players would prefer more popular brands.

Online Casino Website Content

Players pay much attention to the way casino website looks, and if enough useful reading can be found there. Information about online casino needs to be convincing enough for a player to register. Casinos have to make gamers believe that fair play and safety of customers' personal information are guaranteed. At the same time, operators must show they are monitored by gaming regulators.

Customer Support Quality

Players consider customer support service the least important out of all mentioned above factors when choosing online casino for real money. The survey evaluated the quality of customer support in terms of time it takes to get answer to any question asked.

If casino online satisfies four criteria discussed above, it has a good chance to attract new customers ready to register, deposit and even recommend others to play there.