How Watching Online Casino Users Allows to Detect Swindlers

At land-based casinos, video surveillance is a standard security requirement . The more visitors there are in a casino, the higher is the possibility that swindlers or common thieves are among them. While at online casinos you can forget about thieves, land-based casinos face this problem on a regular basis. Moreover, video surveillance makes it possible to detect highly professional players and ask them to leave the casino before the he or she inflicts significant losses on the house.

How Watching Online Casino Users Allows to Detect SwindlersYou should bear in mind, though, that real money online casinos watch their visitors as well. But this practice is not that obvious and does not cause negative reaction from players’ side.

Why online casinos watch their visitors

Firstly, online casinos do not have a numerous security team. Secondly, your web camera is never used to watch you. These are the things you should not worry about. Online casinos also lack employees that check every second how the gaming process is moving on or why a group of players covers a slot screen from surveillance cameras. Instead of surveillance, it would be right to call it recording of the main game parameters. This task is done by online casino system, and not by people. Every application used to play online gambling games saves all the information on the casino server. If needed, this information may be extracted and then studied. However, in 99% of cases this information is not significant even for statistical purposes.

The system records the main parameters of a play process, including the size of bet, the number of bets per hour or other time interval, payout rate, amount of money paid back to players, and some others. These parameters are saved for every single slot machine or gambling game. The most interesting and significant information is mostly data that chracterizes online casino performance. Everyone knows that it does not matter how exactly a client was playing at a certain slot for 15 minutes. But all parameters are still saved.

Disputes and swindlers

All data is recorded for a certain reason. In case of any disputes, online casino can provide a player and regulatory bodies with reliable evidence to prove its transparency and integrity.

Moreover, recording the parameters allows to detect swindlers – for example, when they take advantage of a bug in the source code of a slot machine.