Online Casino Slots: Payout Percentage

Online Casino Slots: Payout PercentagePayout percentage gives accurate idea of what amount of money of the total amount of bets is paid back as winnings to online casino customers.

Slots, which are extremely popular in online casinos, tend to offer 96-98% payouts. This information can be found at the online casino home page or in one of its sections.

In theory it means that of every $1000 of bets the casino holds only $20-40, depending on the payout percentage. In fact it turns out to be a little bit different.

After making bets for the total amount of $1000 you may either lose everything, or win a large sum of money. The result of your game will probably differ from the payout percentage by 10-20%. This happens because every online casino slot has a certain level of dispersion, so it`s impossible to predict how much you`re going to lose or win in a single game. But if you play at the same slot at the online casino for quite a long period of time (a month or a year), your losses will comply with the payout percentage stated by the online casino. It concerns only reliable and reputable casinos for money which are unlikely to cheat their customers.

If you prefer online casino slots with a big payout percentage, pay your attention to slots that don`t offer the progressive jackpot.

There`re no further tips on selecting the most advantageous slot. All slots of the same casino have equal payout percentage. Online casinos do so in order not to narrow the choice of slots – it`s obvious that most gamblers will play online casino slots offering the highest payout percentage, while other slots will remain unpopular. In fact, you can play at any slot. The main thing is to select a reputable casino.