Online Casino Secrets

Online Casino SecretsOnline casinos protects their secrets with utmost care. However, players managed to disclose some of them.

VIP clients

For its VIP clients, online casino is ready to break some of its rules and principles. Online casinos do their best to make their generous highrollers happy: personal manager, custom personal cabinet, big bonuses, regular gifts, and more.

It is said that online casinos earn about a half of profits through its VIP clients. Altough there is no accurate information on that issue, this makes it perfectly clear why such clients are so valuable to online casinos.

Ancient Egypt

Websites of many online casinos feature Ancient Egypt theme. Although it is not known exactly why casinos love this theme so much, we can assume that casino operators relate to luxurious lifestyle of pharaohs. Knowing that, it comes as no surprise that the most popular color used in casino website design is yellow.

High yields

Costly licenses, taxes, and other fees do not prevent online casinos from generating consistent and high profits. Online gambling industry is on the rise. With ever-increasing number of gamblers, online casinos enjoy big earnings.

Opening your own online casino is a tough challenge. To do that, you need to be a millionaire with access to vast investments.

Time for gambling

Despite all scary stories about gambling addiction, an average online casino visitor spends on gambling about three hours a week. That does not mean that there is no such problem as gambling addiction, but it is not do wide-spread as some people try to picture.

Under-aged visitors at online casinos

Online casinos deny that there are teenagers among their clients. However, teenagers are frequent guests at online casinos, which causes lots of trouble for both their parents and casino operators. There is no accurate and reliable way to identify a person sitting in front of the screen. Video identification may become a solution to this problem.