Online Casino Jackpot and everything about it

Online Casino Jackpot and everything about itWhen reading descriptions to online casino games, you frequently come across the word “jackpot.” What is it? - you may wonder. This term has several meanings. In a narrow sense, this is a prize pool at the lottery or online casino game. In a broader sense, jackpot may mean any winnings. Sometimes, “jackpot” means various bonuses, in slot machines mostly.

You must have come across the word combination “progressive jackpot” frequently. This is a prize pool accumulated in a special way. The game sets certain conditions. If they are not met, a part of the player’s bet goes to extra prize pool. Theoretically, progressive jackpot can be huge, because the conditions needed to stop its accumulation , may not fulfill for a very long time. For example, at slots this condition may be the rarest combination. If this condition is met (and you were lucky to hit an extremely rare combination), the player receives the whole prize pool. Although the chance to win a progressive jackpot is very slim, this still happens from time to time and some lucky gambles become millionaires overnight.

Progressive jackpot is especially popular at online casinos. Modern methods of communications, a progressive jackpot can be accumulated on all software manufactured by the same company or combined into a single play system. In this case, the amount of progressive jackpot can be so large that players couldn’t even dream of a decade ago.

There are other jackpot variations as well. For example, “Secret” jackpot implies that after the bet is made, the possibility of hitting a jackpot is calculated. But the player does not know that possibility or the rules they are supposed to follow. The only thing the player knows is a simple scheme: the more you bet, the more you may win.

In fact, jackpot plays the role of an extra bait. One of the reasons why people gamble is that they like the feeling of excitement. They like adrenaline, risk and their hope to win is the last to die. In order to encourage the player to take a risk, the online casino must offer them a prize – big enough to justify the risk. For some players, ordinary wins are not enough. They need something more – something more attractive and enticing. This is exactly what a jackpot is for them.