Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino BonusesOnline casino bonuses are an effective motivation for gamblers to spend more time and money at online casino. On one hand, online casino does not want a player to cash out his bonus. On the other hand, the more bets a client makes, the more a casino earns.

Casino bonuses come in all forms and sizes. The two largest types of bonuses are deposit and no-deposit bonuses.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are granted on your first deposit made to your online casino account.

Usually, a bonus depends on size of your deposit. Deposit bonus is expressed in per cent. For instance, a 100% bonus means that a player will get the same amount he deposited to his account. With a 200% bonus, a client will get twice his deposit.

Some online casinos give bonuses on subsequent deposits as well. Such bonuses also depend on deposit amount, but no more than 5-20% of your deposit.

If you brought a new client and he made a deposit, you may get encouraged with a referral bonus.

No-deposit bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are more varied. Those include gifts, special offers, and loyalty programs.

Some online casinos welcome their new clients with a small sign-up bonus. To get such a bonus, you don’t even have to make a deposit.

An increasingly popular type of bonus is bonus for certain actions, including participating in casino’s special offers, using new products (e.g., mobile application), playing certain casino games, etc.

Oftentimes, online casino give small bonuses on holidays, client’s birthday, or some other important events.

Note that a bonus does not always come as money. Instead of money, a player may get a tournament invitation, points to be exchanged for valuable prizes, or a custom image for his personal cabinet.