No Deposit Casino Bonus and No Deposit Casinos. What is it

No Deposit Casinos and No Deposit Casino BonusDon’t be surprised if you come across an online casino that offers a no deposit casino bonus. Today, the number of positional clients is decreasing, and casinos fight for every player. Besides, casinos often create a number of obstacles to impede cashing winnings, e.g. tough wagering requirements or tedious documents checking. Let’s make it clear when it’s beneficial to take a no deposit casino bonus and when to turn it down.

Pitfalls and Unbeneficial No Deposit Casino Bonuses

All no deposit casinos that offer a no deposit casino bonus set similar conditions, but wagering requirements may slightly differ. Some no deposit casinos ask you to make a large deposit (you will have to make a deposit at any casino to confirm your identity) and spend it on a certain number of bets. This is an example of an unbeneficial no deposit casino bonus, because chances are high that you will lose both your bonus and your deposit.

Face Control at No Deposit Casinos Bonus

Another obstacle is document checking.  If you are registered at no deposit casino, be ready to provide your passport copy at least. More thorough no deposit casinos require copies of public utilities bills and other documents, which results in postponing money withdrawal. In some cases, the player loses all their money while waiting for cashing to be approved by the casino.

How To Tell Beneficial No Deposit Casino Bonus

Sounds not very attractive, right? Beneficial no deposit casino bonuses do exist, though. Usually, they are offered by large no deposit casinos that see no point in fighting for every hundred of dollars. This is how you can tell a beneficial no deposit casino bonus: you are granted a small bonus (up to $50) that you must spend on 30 bets at different slot machines.  Only then you are required to make a minimum deposit (usually it’s $10 or €10) and provide a passport copy. After fulfilling these wagering requirements, you can cash money from your account.

Wagering Requirements

The first thing you should pay special attention to is wagering requirements of no deposit casino bonus. Read carefully what requirements you must fulfill in order to cash your winnings. Usually you must spend a certain amount of money on bets. This amount may exceed a no-deposit bonus 30-50 times. At some real money online casinos, this amount may even be 100 times as much as the bonus itself.

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