Mobile and the movement of online casinos to the mobile arena

Mobile and the movement of online casinos to the mobile arenaThe competition between online casinos is fierce. The result of which as seen the entrance of online casinos into the mobile arena. This is great in that while waiting for your friends, on while you're on the move, you can through your phone access your favorite online casino and stake real money.

Surprised at this new direction the online casino industry is headed? Don’t be. The fact is the move to the mobile platform is inevitable and long overdue. The market for mobile gaming is growing at a rapid rate. 3 years ago, a whopping 200million plays in online casinos were made by players through their phones. This figure is expected to more than quadruple in 2014. With the increase in mobile plays comes a concomitant increase in revenue as well. 3 years ago the mobile market generated nearly $5billion, this figure is expected to exceed $20billion in 2014. When you see such staggering growth, you're bound to wonder what could be fueling such growth.

Fortunately, you don't have to look too far for an answer. The answer is in the device itself- the phone. Or rather the fact that nearly everyone has one. Think about it, some industry experts estimate that there are as many phones as there are people and this number is increasing as more phones are being sold. So as the number of phones increase, so too will the mobile gaming market increase.

Mobile gaming tech has been pioneered by mobile. A division of mobile gaming Inc. they were the first to see that the internet and phones were becoming one and by extension they saw a closing gap between phones and the online casino industry. They then teamed up with leading gaming software maker monster games to provide a complete package for the mobile gaming industry.

This complete package is known as mega pack. It includes complete marketing systems, mobile based games in java as well as full casino packages. included in this package is excellent visual graphics, information security, demo games, 24, 7 full customer support including a toll free line, easy gameplay as well as full on social media marketing.

As at last count most of the biggest brand names in the online casino industry including lucky break casinos, mega jackpot, and big fortunes have signed up to offer their customers mobile gaming through mobile.