How MD5 Guarantees Online Casino Integrity

Here is one important thing every novice player should know. High-profile casinos never cheat their clients. Some extra profit does not justify the risk of losing their hard-earned reputation and loyal clients.

How MD5 guarantees online casino integrity

Online casino owners are willing to demonstrate players that they have nothing to worry about. They back up their words with actions. Casinos use advanced methods to ensure that they play by the rules. In this article, we’ll explore the well-known MD5 algorithm and its later versions.

As you probably know, a random number generator is used to determine the results of all online casino games. The RNG follows a set of instructions to generate random numbers. In other words, you can’t possibly predict the outcome of the game.

Online casino needed a way to convince gamblers that it plays fair. Before a game, a random number generator generates a sequence of numbers. The sequence is then encrypted using MD5 algorithm and sent to a player. Once a player is done playing, they receive a password to the encrypted file. Seeing the numbers, the player can make sure that the results had been actually pre-determined before the game started.

Some players may find this method too trivial. On the other hand, a player receives clear and convincing evidence that a slot machine comes up with exactly the same combinations that were created by the random number generator.

How MD5 guarantees online casino integrity

MD5 algorithm is used to prevent a player from opening the file and seeing the results before the game takes place. Otherwise, a player would beat the casino without any effort.

It needs to be said that few players use this method on a regular basis. However, this is a great way to make sure that the games are not rigged and the casino does not adjust odds. In the end, even most skeptical players stop worrying and grow to trust online casinos (not all but worthy ones, of course).

There are improved MD5 versions that provide a higher level of data security. A common player will hardly notice a difference, though. Actually, it does not matter what algorithm was used to encrypt the data. The main thing is to make sure than actual results coincide with the ones containing in the encrypted file.