Online casino bonuses: Complimentary Points and Loyalty Program

Complimentary Points 

Lots of online casinos grant their clients various points. This is done automatically and doesn’t oblige players to anything. Number and amount of complimentary points may depend on how long the player has played at this online casino or how much money they have spent on bets. Conditions of using complimentary points may differ depending on online casino policy. You can exchange your points for playing chips or cash them. For more detailed information about various bonus programs, visit the website of the casino you have chosen.

For example, a prestigious online casino William Hill grants its clients one complimentary point for every dollar, pound, or euro of their bet. Thus, if you have collected 1000 points, you can exchange them for €/£/$1.

Loyalty Programs

Every reputable online casino that values its reputation tries to encourage its loyal clients. Loyalty programs imply various bonuses credited to the player’s account. The amount of bonus directly depends on the player’s status.

To become a privileged client, you must keep playing at a certain online casino for a long time on a regular basis. In this case, online casino administration may offer you a loyalty program. For example, a reputable casino Tropex is ready to encourage their loyal clients with an impressive loyalty program.

Loyalty Program and Complimentary PointsPrizes

This effective practice gained popularity in all reputable online casinos for money. Due to geographical issues, not every online casino is able to raffle off prizes. However, at some online casinos you have a chance of winning considerable prizes.

At 888 casino, you can win tickets to the best luxurious resorts.

In this article, we covered not all types of bonuses granted by online casinos but told you about the most popular of them.