Online Casinos. Losing At Online Casino: Players' Feelings and Emotions

Losing At Online Casino: Players' Feelings and EmotionsDespite playing at virtual casinos, online gamers lose real money, and as it often happens, they experience negative emotions. After getting some gaming experience, casino players stop feeling bad when they lose. They know gambling will always be about winning and losing. First you might be lucky, and then Lady Luck turns away from you. But beginner players find it hard to control their emotions especially when they lose big money.

Perception of Online Casinos

Casino promotional campaigns often show pictures of happy and smiling players after they received good winnings. At the same time, you'll never see pictures of disappointed and sad players who have lost and have to leave casino, despite this happening regularly.

According to casino owners, people should perceive casinos as a fun and exciting activity, although it's not always true. Wrong impression that new players get, results in stronger negative feelings. They do know that there is a risk, but do not realize how big it is, and after ten consecutive losing rounds they feel almost depressed. No one warned them losing streaks can last so long.

Players need to think of real money casinos as a place where they can lose all their money in the blink of an eye. If that risk is acceptable for them, then even quite a big amount of money lost wouldn't be painful.

Playing For Fun

However, there are quite many players who never regret losing at an online casino. It simply can't make them feel disappointed. This category of gamers play to have fun, and their primary goal is not winning money. Regular online casino players can better understand the odds of losing certain amount of money, and are ready to pay this price for having a great time.

You might for example, decide to play every Friday, and determine in advance how much money you can afford to spend. If you can win, it's great. But if you lose it's not a big deal, because you knew the risks and was prepared.

What to Do If You Get Disappointed Over Losses

Emotional players that are highly sensitive to losses are recommended to start by placing minimum bets, or even play free casino games. The thing is, players get used to losses and after some time do not overreact when unlucky.