Famous Cases of Large Winnings at Online Casino

Famous Cases of Large Winnings at Online CasinoOne of the most famous cases of the player winning at casino a large sum of money happened in 1873, in the legendary Beaux-Arts in Monte Carlo. On July 7, Josef Jagger bet on 9 roulette numbers and won around half a million francs.

This is a pretty impressive lump of money, don’t you think? But this is not all. Jagger kept on playing for the next three days and won about two million dollars in general. Other gamblers than watched him play and bet on the same numbers, also won.

Too much luck always raises suspicion. Unfortunately, the online casino employees found out that Jagger’s unbelievable luck was not occasional, after all. During several years, Josef Jagger was working on the optimal roulette strategy. The strategy was based on the assumption that the roulette’s balance may get distorted from time to time. He sent his people to the roulette tables where they noted the numbers hit by the ball. Based on that information, Jagger found out that one of the roulette wheels was bent to a certain side with nine numbers.

Lucky streak was over

The online casino employees replaced the dysfunctional wheel with a new one. After a failed attempt to win, Jagger understood what had happened. Armed with his knowledge and experience, Jagger started to look for the old wheel that had brought him a fortune. After finding it, Jagger managed to win even more money. But his lucky streak soon found its end: the wheel was taken out of use. Through his millions, Jagger became known as the person who broke the bank in Monte Carlo.