Large Online Casino Bonuses

Large Online Casino BonusesOnline casinos started to open only 10-15 years ago. For some people, online casinos were something strange and exotic. Others did not hear about them at all. Some players were afraid that online casinos would deceive them and keep their winnings to themselves. As a result, online casinos had to attract new players by all possible means. Numerous bonuses – extra money granted to players - were one of the methods.

Small and large casino bonuses gave players the opportunity to play more and longer after making just a small deposit, because the casino added extra money to that deposit. That was very convenient and beneficial for those players that had little money, let alone gamblers from developing countries.

What was the result? A number of players started to exploit casinos, i.e. they engaged in bonus hunting. At that times, players could withdraw bonuses from the casinos very easily. Thus, people got easy money without even playing at the online casino. Although most online casinos toughened their bonus policy and wagering requirements, the situation is still far from peaceful. Some players were accustomed to receive large bonuses from casinos. If they couldn’t get bonuses, they stopped playing at the casino, which resulted in decreased casino revenues.

In order to stop bonus hunting, the casinos started to introduce different winning chances for online casino games. Winning chances depended on whether the game was beneficial to the casino or not. That made it more difficult for the players to clear up their bonuses. It’s obvious that the player wants to play the game that offers them the biggest winning odds. But the online casino protects its money from the player by decreasing the player’s edge in that game. For example, blackjack – an incredibly poplar card game that is highly unbeneficial for the casino – has the player’s edge of only 2%.

So what do bonus hunters exactly do? They make a small deposit at the online casino in order to get a bonus on their deposit. Of course, most bonus hunters are interested in large bonuses, but some players are happy to receive even a small bonus. After receiving extra money to their account, the gambler plays for some time. Then they withdraw the money left on their account. For some players, even $10-20 a day can be a pretty attractive sum of money. The player can register on the same money online casino website more than once – and every time they receive a bonus. Clearing up a bonus is not a tough task. As a result, the player gets a pretty good and consistent source of income.