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Instant Play Online Casinos

Long time online casino players remember the time when placing casino bets was possible only after certain software was installed. All slot machines had to be downloaded on computer and became unavailable in case internet disconnected.

Those times are in the past, and even though many online casinos still offer downloadable casino programs, most of the bets are made in browser.

Instant Play Online Casinos

Instant play option is more convenient for several reasons:

  • Casino online players don't have to use one particular computer. Gamers can use any computer which is connected to internet and has standard browser. There's no need to download online casino application and update it;

  • Browser casino games load very quickly. Besides, online casino players can open several browser tabs at a time and play different slot machines;

  • After signing out of casino online you can be confident others won't play online slots using your account. But you always have to log off your casino account. Downloadable casino applications used to sign you in automatically.

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Instant Play Online Casinos

There are also certain disadvantages instant play casinos have.

  • Several years ago when browsers were less powerful and had fewer features, online casino games developers deliberately made browser game versions lighter. Simpler graphics and absence of complicated animation were characteristics of browser slot machines. Today online casino slots played in browsers look as good as their downloadable versions;

  • If online casino users have old computer, their browser with one or several games open can become significantly slower. Flash technology which is usually used to develop browser casino slots requires lots of resources. Browsers too demand good processing power. For old, low performance computers the best option would be downloadable online casinos.

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Browser online casino games are the main segment for future development. Widespread high-speed internet connection and improving computer performance allow online casino customers to have a good time playing in browser.