How Not To Lose All Your Money At Online Casino

How Not To Lose All Your Money At Online CasinoIf all players could control their emotions and avoid making large and risky bets, online casinos wouldn’t have such large profits. But reality is a bit different: many players find it hard to resist the temptation to make a large bet. Few gamblers can quit before their bankroll hits zero.

We sincerely hope that with our tips and recommendations, you won’t lose all your money at once.

Stop losses

Before the game, determine the upper limit of your loss. Remember that if you continue playing after hitting this limit, you will run out of money soon and deprive yourself of gambling pleasure.

Money management and small bets

Do not let large bets tempt you. A large bet is a bet which is more than 1/10 of your bankroll. You run a risk of parting with a significant part of your casino deposit. Here is the golden rule: your bet should amount to 1% of your bankroll.

Along with stop losses, you should determine your weekly and monthly budgets. A responsible player must manage his budget wisely. Note that you must not increase your budget under any circumstances. The smaller your online casino deposit is, the better.

Winning limits

There are limits not only on losses, but also on winnings. Remember how many times you’ve lost every cent of your bankroll without being able to quit in the middle of a winning streak. The art of a successful player is to choose the right timing to leave the online casino before luck turned its back on you.

Breaks from gambling

Breaks during gambling sessions are an absolutely necessary thing. You should better play four hours with 10-minute breaks every 30 minutes than gamble three hours in a row. In the first case, you won’t lose ties with reality and – more importantly – with your emotions. In the second case, you may even stop getting pleasure from your winnings.

Our advice is to make a fair judgment about your emotions caused by gambling and listen to other people.