Honesty as Online Casino Success Guarantee

One of the main problems even the most famous and popular online casinos face is distrust of potential customers.

More Players - More Money

Basically, famous online casinos, which you can find on Spelautomater Casino website, have no reason to cheat their customers. The more money is spent by players, the higher casino's profit. Cheating one, two or even hundreds of players won't change absolutely anything. If casino online starts cheating its players, it quickly ruins its reputation and players start to leave casino. After that casino can be closed since it wouldn't bring significant profit. It's clear that there is simply no rational justification of popular casino cheating its customers.

Honesty as Online Casino Success Guarantee

Honesty Guarantees

But still players don’t trust online casinos asking for some honesty guarantees. Their concerns are reasonable, that's why good online casinos always try to dispel those concerns.


One of the main honesty guarantees is online casino's license giving the right to provide gambling services. In case casino license is given in country where player is residing, this would be a serious characteristic of casino's reliability. The same can be said about licenses issued in EU countries.

In case of dispute players can always contact casino regulator which issued the license and online casino would have to prove its honesty and will experience problems. It's very easy to have casino license suspended, and if that happens, the only way to stay in online casino business is to open new casino and start everything from the scratch. It's easier to practice fair play than to hide from EU regulators.

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Data Encryption

All online casinos are required to encrypt data transferred between user and casino servers. This process can guarantee that third, unauthorized parties won't be able to intervene and change game results.

Without going deep into technical details, we want to say that modern encryption algorithms are really secure. That's why online casino players shouldn’t worry that money would go to someone else when they request withdrawal. The same is true about deposits at online casinos. Your money will be credited to your online casino account in few seconds and you'll see them.

Testing Agencies

Organizations such as eCOGRA regularly test online casino software and their partners' security systems. That gives additional guarantees that online casino follows its principles of fair play. Furthermore, you can play the best gambling games at Pokiespedia Casino.

Regulator's Influence

But we want to mention again that the main guarantee of fair play is a national regulator. Of course, in cases when country of players' residence prohibits online gambling, foreign regulator can't help. But you still should give preference to casinos having EU license.