Where Are Generous Bonuses?

Unfortunately, the times of large and beneficial at the same time bonuses have passed and are not going to return. At the beginning stage of their development, the main objective of online casinos was to attract players. One of the few effective ways of gaining players’ trust was to offer welcome bonuses.

First Deposit At The Dawn Of Online Casinos

Very often, the player didn’t have to credit their account after registration. Online casino credited their account with a certain amount of money called a welcome bonus. This amount was enough to start gambling and even withdraw money from your account. If the player still made their first deposit, they got a really large bonus that sometimes was several times bigger than the deposit itself. At that time, there were no difficult or impracticable conditions of winning bonuses back. This fact was used by some smart and enterprising players called bonus hunters.

Who Are Bonus Hunters?

New online casinos appeared every month and there was no single database of players. Taking these facts into account, some smart players registered at a new online casino, made a small first deposit and got a generous welcome bonus from the casino. Then they easily won back this bonus (if it was required by the rules) in a couple of hours, withdrew money from the system, and registered at another online casino. At first, online casino administration ignored this fact. However, as the number of bonus hunters and losses from their activities were growing, casinos made rules of withdrawal tougher.

Nowadays Bonuses Are Impossible To Win Back

Where Are Generous Bonuses?As a result, at some online casinos for money there is no use of trying to win back bonuses. It’s too hard and boring.

Unfortunately, the times of large and beneficial bonuses sank into oblivion. Still, there are some players who are trying to make money on bonuses. However, the process of winning back bonuses has become so tedious, that it’s easier to find a real job (even if it wouldn’t bring you large income) that spend days in front of the screen trying to get the right to withdraw money from your account.


While choosing an online casino, don’t pay too much attention to the amount of a welcome bonus. We recommend you to read carefully the rules concerning crediting and withdrawing of this bonus or to select an online casino that focuses on encouraging its loyal clients. Thus you will have higher chances of using its bonus program and get from the casino a little more than you expected.