Random Number Generator

Random Number GeneratorStrange as it may seem, many players don`t have any idea of the random number generator used by all online casinos. They firmly believe in the magic power of strategies, which are totally useless when playing at slots, roulette, and bingo.

This article isn`t aimed at explaining the principles and mechanism of up-to-date random number generators (RNG). But every gambler should know the basics concerning RNG. Nowadays casinos use three types of RNG:

The last RNG type is used by reputable casinos for money which don`t save on its equipment.

Software generators are also widely used. Players don`t see the difference between the generators, and the shouldn`t be preoccupied by this issue.

It`s impossible to influence the generator or predict the numbers it will show in the next round. So, any roulette or slot strategy is totally useless: you just can`t have an influence on the outcome. At the same time, you can apply strategies playing video poker and blackjack.