Categorization of online casino games and its methods

Those of you, who can call themselves a frequent guest at online casinos, must have noticed that casinos use different criteria to categorize their games. Some casinos divide their pool of games into several groups by type of games, while others have up to several dozens of sections.

In this article, we will examine the main principles of classification of online games and see which of them play a primary or secondary role. Moreover, we will give you some tips on what you should focus in the first place.

Methods of Game Categorization at Online Casinos

Several online casino on the same portal

On some portals – especially those that offer gaming software manufactured by different companies – games can be divided into several large sections. They can be even presented as individual casinos. This is not the case, though: clients can use their services and have access to all bonuses, special offers, tournaments, etc. from the same account.

Games with live dealers

So-called live-games, where users play against real dealers sitting in special rooms, can be located either in a special section of the website, or in one of the groups.

If live-games are presented as an individual casino, players can sometimes use special offers of the casino administration. However, separation of games with live dealers serves the purpose of a more convenient organization and is used as a marketing means.

Classification by manufacturers

Some multi-platform casinos offer a user-friendly system for selecting games by brands.

Categories of games

Every respectable online casino offers a convenient classification by type of games – slots, card games, video poker, etc.

Here you can find numerous variations. For example, a casino that has a wide choice of classic 3-reel slots, table games, card games, etc., usually places them into an individual category.

If a casino administration is proud of generous jackpot games or poker variations, they can also form individual groups. Some casinos combine video pokers and standard pokers, while others place them into two different categories.

Currently, Scratch cards are becoming increasingly popular. Those are virtual analogues to instantaneous lotteries and so-called fixed odds models. To attract users’ attention, some casinos put Scratch cards into an individual category.